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Cinema dating app

Cinema dating app

Leave everything behind as you kick back to an endless world of movies.

With Cinemeet a movie meeting is always close. Whether you are into fast car chases or romantic dramas. Meeting moviegoers Bring your favorite snacks.

It's fun and easy to share movie experiences on the big screen or at home. Meet moviegoers Simple as that. Cinemeet makes it extremely easy to connect and meet.

Cinema dating app, bravo! cinema app concept 📽

Suggest movies One of the core feature is the ability to easily discover and suggest movies. Global community Want to expand your circle of friends? Meet moviegoers from all over the world.

Pick your favorite entertainment and method for watching. Connect with other professionals and community members. We provide three tiers of membership.

Cinema dating app

Reach moviegoers Connect with up to nearby moviegoers. We know, it's a great offer.

The best part is that it's free. Unlimited movie nights How much do you love movies?

Choose this plan to get unlimited access to nearby moviegoers. The world is your oyster.

Beware, we will kick your ass in the newest cinema dating app of COD and quote more lines from Tombstone than you can even imagine.

Using the map you can find users all over the world and connect instantaneously. What's on your watchlist?

Great entertainment is being released all the time. Leverage Cinemeet's platform for a unique angle to reach your target demographic.

the unique service to find the partner to go cinemas, like Tinder for Imdb. Website wexobit.site Facebook View on Facebook LinkedIn View on LinkedIn Post, Just in time for Valentine's, immigrant launches Cinema Dating app. If you're a single movie buff, Ukrainian immigrant Yan Shapiro thinks he has the answer with this his brand new app Cinema Dating. Cinema Dating is an unique service where you can find a partner to go to the cinemas in a Just in time for Valentine's, immigrant launches Cinema Dating app. Me say that their app is by no means a “Tinder for the cinema” you can't but compare their new project to the popular dating and 'hooking up'. I would use: * (1) Facebook Developers for profiling info (historic likes related to movies) * (2) Filmaster for personalized movie.