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Dating app status bar icons

Dating app status bar icons

What do the new icons in the main navigation mean? You can view all these plus alerts that occurred whilst you were offline, by clicking on 'View all' or by visiting 'My activity feed' on the 'My home' page.

Who's online: View who's online right now and available to chat from your members of interest. These are members you have added as your favourite, or been in contact with.

How do I start a chat conversation with another member? You can open a Chat window with any member that is online by: - Selecting Chat from the 'Who's online' icon in the main navigation: - Click on 'Chat': Note: when you receive a message from another member who is online other than a Wink messageit will appear in a chat window on your screen.

Does chatting use Stamps? The first message with a new contact whether it's a message or a chat message will use 1 stamp.

You can then message each other for 30 days. How to end chat conversation with another member?

You are in a relationship to choose the perfect environment for you to meet up with your potential. Using the 3Dcity feature is also quite simple as all you need is only your avatar with the mouse and using directions or allows to walk. It is also developed to use 3D city on your mobile gadget by just screwing and turning your screen.

Simply close the chat window to end chat. How do I turn off chat?

You can 'Appear offline' from 'Who's online' in main navigation to prevent chat windows from popping up. Any messages received will be in your 'Conversations'. How to add a photo to your message? Members can share private photos via chat or email. To share a photo simply click on the photo icon in the chat window, select and upload an image from your computer.

Can I chat to more than one person at the same time? You can open as many chat windows as you like! How is it different from 'chat' or 'email'?

Dating app status bar icons

But if both people are online at the same time, messages will appear in a chat pop window, making it easier to send and receive short messages quickly and easily, whilst still browsing the site. All messages are saved in your 'Conversations' and 'Contact history' page with that user. How long are my chat messages stored for?

We store messages in full for 6 months. If you're online, the silhouette in the icon will be green.

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