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Dating site zo video klip

Dating site zo video klip

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I recommend it because it's free and doesn't have any spammy ads. Kapwing will import the video directly into the editor.

Studio with a Trim annotation If you're using a phone, find the Trim button by first clicking the "Edit Layer" button below your video. Then, use the sliders to define what you want to cut to in the video.

If you want to remove the introduction or cut out a certain scenemove the sliders to exclude that scene. For precise edits, click on the time input boxes and use the arrow keys to adjust leave time in small increments.

Known as a jump cut, this technique allows you to cut from one clip of the YouTube video to another seamlessly. In my example, I cut the video down toeven though it started out as a five minute video. Notice that the Trimmed button will update with the duration of your YouTube clip.

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Now you have a YouTube clip! Since the video clip is stored online, users can return to their Kapwing workspace to edit and share the video. You can download the file, share the URL to your new clip with your friends, or publish it to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Kapwing is free to use, but there will be a small watermark on the corner of your video. You can sign in to remove the watermark for free.

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You can clip YouTube videos on your phone or tablet without needing to install an app.