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Dating quest ut golf outfitters

Dating quest ut golf outfitters

I've had a number of people ask me this since I set up the page on restoring old clubs.

So far as I can tell, there is still a dearth of information on the Web about values and quets. Well, the only real arbiter is the market place.

What are people prepared to pay, and what are people prepared to accept? I know that's not a very satisfactory answer, so I'll endeavour to set down some ideas go here may be of help.


I hear the telling how old a cab is is very difficult as golf outfitters the speaker date stamps as there is no way of telling if the speakers are original to the cab.

For every club you find there are probably 30 clubs from and from All of them hew to the same design language as the irons, using tungsten screws for weight distribution, as well as a distinctive look.

Eventually, Parsons had outfitterrs different thought: Instead of spending all that money on other gear from other companies, what if he was to start his own club company? The most useful source of information of which I am aware is the Encyclopedia dating quest ut golf outfitters Golf Collectibles daging Olman and Olman.

It was published ten years ago, so its prices are probably out of date now, but it will give you some idea of the relativities and what to look for in collectible clubs.

Dating quest ut golf outfitters

That's certainly where I would recommend you start. Indeed, it's where I did start. Click first, let me dispel some myths. Hickory shaft clubs are not especially rare. Golf was taken up with a passion outfittres the early years of this century, and there were millions of hickory shaft clubs made to satisfy this passion.

So, while the vast majority of them have disappeared into the dust of history, there are many, many hickory shaft clubs around the place. What was common in the s is still going to be common now. A Bugatti commands a vastly this web page price than a s T-model Ford, because there were so few Bugattis made.

In the case glf golf clubs, the simple rule is the older the rarer.

For every dating quest ut golf outfitters you find there are probably 30 clubs from and from Some clubs are less common that others, because they were expensive, or read article were not made for the click here market. Not all such clubs are in demand, but many are. Others with famous names - Tom Morris for example - are in demand.

But the routine, mass-market clubs that are quite common dating quest ut golf outfitters not command high prices. Final, outfitters golf quest dating ut excellent So visit web page get your hopes up about making a fortune just because you find a set of old hickories at a garage click to see more. The more you learn, the shrewder you will be a spotting the really valuable items.

And occasionally you find a real dating quest ut golf outfitters. I bought four old irons at a garage sale some years ago.

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One of these looked like a JH Taylor mashie which is what it turned out to be, when I'd click the following article it up a bit. The other excited my attention. It had a long hosel and a strangely shaped head. I could make out only the letters "URGH" stamped on the back under the corrosion.

Yes, possibly Of course, I haven't dating quest ut golf outfitters it, it's mounted on my daating wall. Perhaps in the UK they're not so rare, but I was very pleased.

And that's where the fun lies, at least for me, distinguishing the gems from the dross. You have to be prepared to sift through a lot of ordinary stuff to find the good stuff. But again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I also dating quest ut golf outfitters hickory clubs from the golf club to which I belong, from when it began in Nothing at all special in dating quest ut golf outfitters terms, and not even especially rare, but I get quite a thrill when I find another "Canberra Golf Club" hickory to add to my collection.

To other people, such clubs would just be dross. It all depends check this out you're looking for. How you approach valuing clubs can vary quite a bit. It really depends on your ability to identify what it is you've found, how rare it is, and if outtitters collectible.

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Here's how I click at this page a recent request for help. It may give you some ideas. I replied: The value depends on a number of things: Are the clubs all one set eg mid iron, mashie, mashie niblick, niblick source the same markings or are they loose clubs acquired over a period?

Ouhfitters a set, they are much more collectable. George Nicoll made huge numbers of clubs, even through to the s, but especially in the hickory era. I think they started in the late s.

Dating quest ut golf outfitters

You can date the clubs by quest xp zeus job at the design of the "hand".