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Dating activity groups

Dating activity groups

As we get older and life gets busier and busier, it seems like group activities get fewer and farther between. But a good group date has the potential to bring it all back. There are plenty of amazing group date ideas — things that you could do just one-on-one with your dating activity groups, but are just so much more fun when you have at least a couple more folks joining in on the adventure. It also means there are more people who can pitch in, so you can even splurge and do things that might be beyond your budget on your own.

Group dates are a great way to make new memories, and form and reinforce! Group dates are the best. With the holidays approaching, there is no time like the present to organize something with a few — or several — of your closest couple-friends.

12 Great Ideas for Your Next Group Date Night, Babble

Not sure what to do on the group date? No worries, look no further.

Below, some amazing ideas to get you started. Get a few group-friendly board games, snacks, and drinks, and then throw a little game night tournament at your place.

Dating activity groups

If you really want to level things up or make it a regular thing, get a trophy that the winning couple gets to take home after each game night. Giphy Remember what I said about splurging? Well, why not pool your resources and book something super luxe for your crew, like a dinner cruise.

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Or even a day cruise if you happen to be somewhere warm! One of my favorite winter group activities is to book a cabin with my friends. Bring some board games, lots of snacks, and maybe even some spooky stories to tell at night.

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Find a local arcade or family fun center with a go-kart track. Wine or beer tasting — responsibly.

Book your group a limo or a party bus, and go on an epic wine or beer tour. Just make sure you also factor in a few breaks to eat — learned that one the hard way. Book a private karaoke dating activity groups. Find a local karaoke bar with a private room and can make your own special karaoke party. That way, no one will judge your Mariah Carey moment.

Sign up for trivia night. Trivia night with friends is one of my personal favorite group date activities! Grab your smartest couple-friends, hit the local trivia night, and crush the competition.

Here is another splurge group date idea — with a splash! Together with your couple-friends, rent a fantastic Airbnb with a pool and throw yourself a private pool party. Pick a beautiful destination where you can all take a group selfie at the end and remember your adventure forever. Attempt a room escape.

Giphy There's a reason room escapes are so trendy right now, because honestly, they're a blast!

Gather a group of your most puzzle-loving friends together and attempt and honestly, if my experience is any indication, attempt is the right word to escape. Have a beach bonfire Giphy Not all group dates have to be high-energy.

Sometimes you just want to cozy up, relax, and hang out with each other. Nothing makes a chill group date like a romantic night by a beach bonfire. While one-on-one dates definitely have their perks, adding a few double- or triple-dates to your date night schedule, isn't a bad idea.

Dating activity groups

It's a great way to bond with the most important people in your life all at once and have a great time doing it. And if you want to go in that pool party Airbnb, let me know!

I genuinely love going on double or group dates, because it's essentially just a ~romantic~ version of a group-hang. As we get older and life gets busier and busier, it seems like group activities get fewer and farther between. There are plenty of amazing group date ideas. For as long as I've known him and his friends, double dates were always their thing. Years later nothing has Roller skating or ice skating is a fun group activity. In a group there's no pressure, you can relax and be yourself. Enjoy great events each month from casual hangout to active adventure and world travel.