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You dating a bbq grill

You dating a bbq grill

Oh well, too late to change the name now! I arrived to see it and learned it was missing a water pan and had rust. Cleaned it up and ready to use it. Many people find this orange peel effect a desirable characteristic of older Weber grills. It was being sold as part of a pre-estate sale by a great guy.

I saw what I thought for sure was a WSM sitting in his driveway. It was a little rusty, the access door and legs anyway, but appeared to be in excellent condition otherwise. All of the porcelain was in really good shape. The grates were all rusty, but a wire brush took care of that.

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Since it did not have a thermometer, I searched the Web for retrofit ideas, which is how I happened on your site and learned about the date codes. No, it has to be one with anomalies.

If you gon be a BBQ grill, be the best BBQ grill ever. Who knows, maybe that's all she needs; as everybody's needs are different.

The other is just a shot of the WSM out in the yard. Over 20 years, and still a friend. It was their floor model, which was already assembled. I was smoking a turkey and realized when loading the charcoal, that I need a new charcoal grate. I was checking your website and saw the thing about the letters stamped into the vents.

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My father found this gem for me approximately 12 years ago sitting in a moving sale. I now own three, and all are being used in competitions yearly. I inherited it several years ago from a friend going through a bad divorce. She was just going to put it out with the trash, getting rid of all his stuff.

She gave it to me for free, just had to go and pick it up. I now consider this WSM a family heirloom.

Upon further inspection, I noticed it was a Weber smoker. When I got home, I removed the smoker from the box and found out that it had never been used. I did not know much about the art of smoking or about these smokers until I stumbled across your site.

This smoker has been a blast to use along with your site, and it will be smoking for a long time to come. The site convinced me pretty easily that a WSM was what I needed, so I started searching Craigslist and found one for sale about 60 miles away in Kansas City.

The pictures looked great, and when I got there the next day I found a well-used but wonderfully maintained WSM, so I paid the man and took it home! It was a huge surprise to find out that this WSM left the factory two years before I was born and it still cooks like a dream! We love our Weber Performer but have always wanted to have a smoker.

It was purchased by a man who died before he could ever use it and his family was selling it at their estate sale. It is unused and in mint condition.

When I phoned, they told me that the letter C was stamped on the top vent. I immediately closed the deal and jumped in the car to collect it. The original booklet was present as well.

As you can imagine, I am very pleased to own such an old, special WSM. I found this smoker through an online estate auction. The colored manual pictured in the auction led me to believe that it was an early model.

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It even came with the original teak wood handle in good condition as well as the original assembly guide and full color manual. I got excited when I saw the C date code stamp. I opted to purchase a new door since the original had obvious air gaps and was rather rusty due to its time in the elements.

You dating a bbq grill

Uncovered on a patio for who knows how long. I was amazed at the wonderful condition of the rest of the unit. The legs are rusted over, but the porcelain finish is still in great condition.

The charcoal grate is a bit rusty, but perfectly usable. It belonged to my late brother in law, he was the one who got me hooked on grilling and smoking. I changed out the grill grates and replaced the pan with a Brinkmann water pan.

The unit itself was in tremendous shape—it looked you dating a bbq grill it had never been cooked in before. The new homeowner told me to take it, as he knew I was a barbecue guy. I will need to reverse a mod, as the original owner converted it to propane, I believe, as evidenced by the holes in the base.

In the third photo looking inside the charcoal bowl, the rectangular hole is probably access for the propane burner; the small hole in the bottom is probably a weep hole for water.

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