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Hook up longman dictionary

Hook up longman dictionary

It is very slow and has problems with basic features like scrolling and copying text. It is a sheer pleasure to explore word meanings, examples, and collocations with this app.

The original Longman app can take 15 seconds on a dual-core laptop with a standard hard drive. Searches happen instantly. To search, just start typing a word at any time.

Press Enter to show the first search result. Use the down arrow key to display further results.

And, of course, things like scrolling, copying and window work as expected. Entries are set in a readable font.

Access virtually all of the LDOCE content, including the dictionary, collocations, thesaurus, corpus examples, Activator, pictures and grammar notes. You can combine multiple criteria e.

Great for teachers who want to generate a list of the most common uncountable nouns, most common informal words, most common American words, words related to business, food, technology, etc. Other features Search in definitions and example sentences.

Clipboard monitoring: Automatically look up any word that you copy to your clipboard.

From Longman Business Dictionaryhook up to something phrasal verb [transitive] COMPUTINGto become connected to the Internet, a telephone system etcMany companies are hooking up electronically to the Stock Exchange. → hook→ See Verb table. Verb table. hook meaning, definition, what is hook: a curved piece of metal or plastic that. a curve → hook up with somebody/something→ See Verb tableExamples from. hook something → up meaning, definition, what is hook something → up: to connect one piece of electronic equip: Learn more. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th Edition (LDOCE 5) is Note: Before you can use the app, you have to install the original LDOCE 5.