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Dating pregnancy by fundal height

Dating pregnancy by fundal height

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Share Even though I've birthed two babies that were essentially the same size, my husband still occasionally brings up how different I looked between the two. With our first, I was barely able to reach my steering wheel and even with all the extra girth, our son was born early.

With our daughter, I don't think I even needed to adjust the bucket seat in my car. But throughout both pregnancies, my bump's fundal height measured very consistently, despite the fact that one made me feel like a major landmass and the other was so compact. So what is fundal height and what does it mean?

Dating pregnancy by fundal height

According to the American Pregnancy Association, fundal height is the measurement in centimeters between your pubic bone and the top of your uterus, or fundus. Beginning in the second trimester, an obstetrician will begin measuring you at each appointment to be sure your bump falls within a short range of measurements that should correlate to how many weeks along you are.

For instance, if you're sitting pretty at 30 weeks, your fundus should measure pretty close to 30 centimeters from your pubic bone.

First, remember how you were asked the date of your last period at your first prenatal appointment? That date is used to estimate the baby's due date, not it's actual conception because ovulation can be more difficult to pinpoint.

If you're measuring large for your gestational age, your due date might be off. Under- or over-development of a bump could also indicate issues with amniotic fluid, Biedebach says. It could boil down simply to being dehydrated or over-hydrated, but the doctor is also going to perform an ultrasound in case to double-check the infant and the amount of fluid in utero.

Important to Remember

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But there could be a more serious problem, too. There are different things that can affect how bumps present though, despite their healthy measurements.

Biedebach says a lot of it has to do with the mother's body shape and height, how the baby is situated in the womb, and even skeletal alignment. Sometimes, she says, a body going through a pregnancy for the first time can react in different ways to structural changes.

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It could just be that the uterus is hidden because she's super tall, or can be prominent if she's 4' 11"," she says. Spinal alignment can also make a huge difference and chiropractic adjustment can change appearance of bump.

In fact, some doctors don't even record it in their patient's charts anymore, but pull out the measuring tape to see if more accurate tests are necessary.

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A lot of the time, fundal height will be affected by things like fetal position, whether the baby has dropped, and whether it's a multiples pregnancy. What's always true is that every woman and every pregnancy is unique, and as long as your bump is growing at a consistent rate within a specific range, you have very little to worry about if you're feeling insecure about its size.

Don't give it a second thought until your doctor does — just find someone to tie your shoes in the meantime.

Illustration of fundal height at various points during pregnancy. Fundal height, or McDonald's rule, is a measure of the size of the uterus used to assess fetal Error in estimated date of pregnancy based on first day of last menstrual period. If you were unable to figure out her due date from her last normal menstrual period (LNMP), Box Changes in fundal height in a normal pregnancy. Mar 8, Replacing abdominal palpation with symphysis-fundal height (SFH) Assessed as up-to-date: December It also has the potential to detect multiple pregnancy, macrosomia, polyhydramnios and oligohydramnios. Aug 17, In such settings, methods to date such pregnancies have relied on The symphysis-pubis fundal height (SFH) measurement is also widely. Nov 12, Or, it can mean your due date isn't accurate. Generally, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fundal height in centimeters should be about the.