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Dairy farmers dating

Dairy farmers dating

Posts 3, I have never dated a single girl from a dairy or even ag backround and my wife is not from an ag backround she's from Milwaukee.

I lie here every night thinkin its you beside me in bed. I am in a open innovation only to other females.

She needs to know what your expectations are for those concerns that she has. If taking week long vacations is a priority for her it better be for you if you two are going to stay together.

If you feel the farm always comes first or that long vacations are not feasible she needs to know that. To me, whether its farming or anything else is more or less irrelevant, its making sure that you are on the same page as you in regards to you career and priorities.

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It can be tough as so many farmers view their profession as a lifestyle as dairy farmers dating. I found the hardest thing to be having to always explain why I can't just up and go on a trip on a whim or why sometimes I might have to leave functions early or be unable to attend them and have their true understanding of the reasons.

I found that women that came from families that owned a business were very understanding, ag isn't quite as special as we like to think. Its just a dedication to work and profession.

That said, my wife is not from a family that has a business either.

What it's like to be a FARMER'S WIFE!

Free Dating, Personals, Chat & Social Networking for Farmers. Glamorous dairy farmer and bodybuilder, 24, posts her 'dating profile' to an agriculture Facebook page saying she's looking for love – and. But, as Michelle Miller reported, there's one dating site that aims to help you find a date Welper recalled, "I was looking for a dairy farmer. Data Driven Dairy Decision For Farmers (4D4F) aims at developing a network for dairy farmers, dairy Author: Kristine Piccart (ILVO), Date: April 30,